1. The competitor will have to be registered before the competition begin and he will have proof of payment of the fee for each competition he participates in.
    The fee is non refundable and can not be transferred from one competitor to another. The deadline for registration is the 15 of October 2019.
  2. Contest Entry Fee:
    1. Beginner
      1 competition 35€
      2 competitions 60€
      3 competitions 95€
    2. PRO
      1 competition 45€
      2 competitions 80€
      3 competitions 125€

      It is recalled to the competitors that the first edition of the event is non profit and that the profit (excluding the organizational expenses) will be donated to the Oncopediatrics Department of the Oncological Institute “Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuta “Cluj-Napoca.
      IBAN: (soon available)
      Competition name – Competitor name and surname
  3. For each category and competition, there must be at least three competitors otherwise there will not be a competition.
    Competitors’ clothing: black outfit without firm mark on it.
  4. The contestant and model must be major or to have the written consent of the parents or legal guardians.
  5. The competitor must bring his own model and the necessary material for the competition: everything related to makeup, outfit.
  6. At the contest the models must be dressed and made according to the theme of the competition chosen in advance.
  7. The organizer is under no obligation to provide material for the contest.
  8. If the competitor does not compete, the fee will not be refunded.
  9. During the contest, it will not be allowed to use the cellular phone or other electronic devices.
  10. By submitting the application form (which will be signed in advance), the competitor accepts all the conditions of the championship.
    The participants are required to comply with all official regulations and conditions.
    The contestant who does not comply with all the rules of the competition will be removed from the competition and the registration fee will not be refunded.
  11. The model can not go out of the room during the competition, just only after the jury’s evaluation.
  12. During the competition, relatives and friends can not enter the competition area. Just the jury, the organizer and the official photographers are allowed and authorized to enter.
  13. a) The contestant will be the one in charge to pay his/her travel, accommodation and personal expenses. The organizer is under no obligation to provide any of that.
    b) The model will already have the hair done to optimize the time of the competition.
  14. The airbrush can be used during the competition and also the prosthetic but only if it shows the eyes makeup and it can be evaluated the makeup techniques.
  15. Glitter, flowers, ribbons, strasses, stones, false eyelashes, clothes, shoes, and accessories of all kind can be use.
  16. The makeup has to be creative and not copied.
  17. The use of stencils and stickers is not alowed.
  18. Bodyart can also be used.
  19. Any kind of professional or commercial material can be used during the contest.
  20. The organizer has the right to publish and use the photos and creations made during the contest without any material or moral obligation to a third person.
  21. Copyright and unique rights to broadcast the entire event, the use of the International Alternativ M.U.A. Championship name, as well as photos, statements and communications belong to the Organizer. These may be published by third parties only with the written consent of the Organizer

Model Requirements:
When choosing the model we propose the following (not compulsory! ):
Height: min. 170 cm
Age: 18 – 37 years old
It is recommended that the model has a stage presence.

All competitors will be rewarded with participation diplomas.
The finalists will receive medals and gifts from the sponsors besides the diploma.

The winner of the professional category trophy “Alternativ M.U.A. Champion 2019” will be entitled to be part of the jury team the following year.

To win the title “Alternativ M.U.A. Champion 2019” and implicitly the right to be in the jury the following year, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to participate at all the competitions. The division will be based on the score obtained.

The prizes offered can not be changed in cash and are valid in the current year or the year after (for the voucher).

International Alternativ
M. U. A Championship

West City Hotel **** Crystal Conference Room | Saturday, November 16, 2019